Prototyping for executives: How to innovate faster, cheaper & smarter?

How to innovate faster, cheaper & smarter?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings. Every company innovates. But few do so in a structured, reliable way. At Age5 we let you experience the power of prototyping with carefully curated tools and design strategies for your specific challenge. Every problem is different, so we take the time to individualize every workshop according to your framework. We put as much emphasis on problem definition as on problem solving to deliver a customized & successful solution.

Prototyping is about applying design skills in non-traditional territories, it often results in non-traditional design outputs. Projects have resulted in the creation of new departments, new products and services, new apps and new rituals. Because prototyping tackles complex issues involving many stakeholders and components, more expertise beyond the user and the designer is always required.

With Prototyping for Executives, we will help you to develop solutions in larger ecosystems to ultimately create more impact at the highest level of your organization. Furthermore its not only 50x ROI for companies that invest in design thinking, but also a lot of fun!

We can help your organisation to:

  • implement user-centered design strategies to create more impact 
  • leverage collective expertise by building multidisciplinary teams
  • clarify production costs and issues in an early development phase
  • challenge the way you solve problems with reframing techniques
  • cluster and structure solution approaches and ideas
  • evaluate qualitative data with ideation assessment and inter-relationships
  • develop "next-step" scenarios, rapid prototypes & viable products

A selection of clients and successful collaborations we are extra proud of:

With Circ for Mercks, one of the biggest pharmaceutical producers with
50 000 employees and 47B turnover, and their top 300 managers, we developed 11 prototypes in a 2-day session with an approved budget of 7m. Germany, Frankfurt

With Cosnova, Europe's leading cosmetics company, we produced 37 prototypes in eight fields of innovation in a one day Maker Movement Workshop. Germany, Frankfurt




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