High Performance: Culture, jazz & cooperation

What is collaboration and how does it sound?

Hear the difference between a collaborating jazz-ensemble and a cooperating one. Learn about risk-taking attitudes in the high performing environment of jazz culture. Every organization depends on teams and their ability to innovate fast. We let you experience the agility and flexibility of jazz teams. The 100 years old jazz tradition of collaboration and improvisation offers a vital toolset for innovation and transformation processes for today and tomorrow.

Jazz music is improvisation - the invention of melodies in a given framework while interacting with other musicians live on stage. Together the whole band creates musical innovation. Jazz is the sound of a team implementing change in a very open way without words. Highly skilled individual musicians celebrate a continuously connected collaboration to realize innovation live on stage. They are responsible for each other’s performance. Every single musician is the owner of the sound wave of the band, even during periods of silence.

With Jazz Culture for High Performing Teams, we will help you to nurture a high performing culture in your organization.

We can help your organization to:

  • implement communication rituals of high performing teams 
  • leverage collective expertise by building multidisciplinary teams 
  • challenge the way you solve problems with reframing techniques 
  • become more agile and flexible through transformation techniques 
  • find innovative solution approaches and new ideas 
  • design collaborations based on an open innovation framework

A selection of clients and successful partnerships we are proud of:

We developed a live show with a musical keynote „From Jazz to Electronic Music - Jazz Culture & Digital Transformation“ for Cosnova, Europe’s leading cosmetics company (Austria, Vienna)

With the HR agency Manpower, we discovered six key characteristics for a high-performance environment in a half-day workshop (Riga, Latvia)

We designed the jazz experience workshop „How to feel like a drummer?“ for 35 CEOs and the Stockholm School of Economics (Riga, Latvia)

We analyzed with the help from the music of Miles Davis the team culture at the Marketing Department at Nabeghlavi (Tbilisi, Georgia)




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