We make values
come alive

Age5 is a design agency. We apply transformation design processes to create impactful change within individuals, systems and organizations.


About Us

Age5 is a design agency. We apply transformation design processes to create impactful change within individuals, systems, and organizations. We assist clients with improving their efficiency by helping them to adapt to their challenges and making impactful change within their organizations. By using transformation design processes, we create sustainable products and valuable experiences for our customers.

We make a difference in the results of our clients, be it by helping them to become a high-performance organization or strengthening the creative confidence of their leadership. Our multidisciplinary team and creative partners are experienced in a vast variety of fields, ranging from industrial design to cognitive psychology. Regardless of the task undertaken, we are fully committed to driving positive impact and creating change for the better.

Our approach

We create a refined and personalized output. Our user-centered design approach puts users at the helm and engages them in workshops and prototyping to create the best user experience possible. The goal is to not only create a product but to create valuable experiences that shape thinking & behavior.

By using transformation design strategies, we deliver dynamic solutions to complex issues. We implement fast design cycles, constant iterations, and prototypes within our projects and collaborations to make values come alive.

The first step in our design process is about discovering opportunities. We connect with the customer to better understand their desires and agenda. These insights are generated by creating workshops, using observations and gathering data. After we identify the opportunity, we can make solutions that are long-lasting, forward-thinking and inspire change within individuals, systems, and organizations.

After identifying the opportunities, we start the development process. By using an interdisciplinary team of experts, we deliver tailor-made solutions catered for any situation. During the design phase, the customer is continuously involved in shaping the final vision. By sharing ideas, we can create mutually desirable results.

We take development beyond the work-space. After leaving the studio, our solutions are steadily tracked and enter a permanent beta. By using rapid prototyping, it becomes possible to deploy the solution and gather the data. The team and the users become a part of the design.




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